K9 Cargo

K9 cargo ServicesK9 is pleased to inform its customers that we are able to offer exceptional Cargo services from Northern Cyprus to Anywhere in the world.  This is especially helpful if you have to leave Northern Cyprus but can’t be without your best friend.

K9 are able to offer you a full service which includes obtaining a Pet Passport, Arrange Vaccinations which are required with a very reputable Vet based in Girne and also arrange all the paper work required.

For these services its very difficult to provide an accurate quote until we have discussed your needs and which services that are require.

If your pet does not have a Pet Passport it usually takes  4 months to arrange  . This is very important to know so please make allowances for this time scale  If you would like your pet to stay at K9 Country kennels whilst all preparations are being made this is not a problem and borders of 4 months or longer will also get a preferred rate.

Things to take into account :

  • Do you already have a Pet Passport ? If you do we can arrange the flights.
  • Are all vaccinations up to date ? If not Vaccination fee’s
  • Size of dog for Pet Carrier ( Not Supplied by K9)
  • Airline Tickets
  • Administration costs

Benefits of using K9 Cargo Services

  • K9 have been offering these services for a number of years and have set procedures in place to enable the easy and most stress free cargo experience
  • All pets are sent from Ercan Airport with Turkish Airlines who have a global flight network so we can send your pets Anywhere
  • We use the best shipping agent
  • Our Prices are very competitive